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This cookbook is amazing. Really inspirational and packed full of yummy recipes and beautiful photos. 

Realistic recipes that everyone would actually cook.

I highly recommend this cookbook not only for people who need to eat gluten free but everyone who wants to

eat amazingly delicious food.



Bateau Bay NSW




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My Gluten-Free Gourmet Kitchen cookbook.

Gorgeous and stylishly designed and that's before even trying any of the recipes.

My son is coeliac and a lot of the times I struggle with making two lots of food one for the family and one for him. his food is usually bland and boring.

My Gluten-Free Gourmet Kitchen cookbook is a wonderful change for now the whole family is enjoying flavourful gluten free food, I no longer have to worry about trying to change gluten recipes (which don't seem to work) we all get to share the same meal together.

Thank you Debra for My Gluten-Free Gourmet Kitchen cookbook, deliciously lovely east to follow and no more leaving my son out of enjoying food.



Lithgow NSW




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I'll admit it, I am the first person in the room to put my hand up and say "my name's Lani and I'm a gluten free dodger !".

I've always found gluten free food to be dense and it always had "that after taste". My excitement to see a chocolate cake at a morning tea would quickly disappear when the words "it's gluten free" were spoken !.

Then I received this book and Debra has converted me and my family !.

This gorgeous cookbook with it's stunning recipes is beautifully illustrated. The recipes are yummy, easy to follow and there's something in there for eveyone. Things I thought I'd never cook, let alone a gluten free version are made and exciting in this book.

Being a new mum one of the things I lost was my passion for cooking as it turned into just another chore I had to do. My Gluten-Free Gourmet Kitchen has reignited my love in the kitchen.

Thank you Lifestyle channel and Debra Maloney for the opportunity to try this amazing cookbook.



Keperra QLD




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Super great delivery service and very useful gluten free cooking book. I was impressed with the delivery as I got several emails notifying me the status of my parcel, and one of them was from the author Debra Maloney.

The recipes are definitely gourmet and mouth watering, which are easy to follow as well. 

Before I recieved this book I thought gluten free food is boring. And this book totally changes my mind. The meals in this book are not only delicious but also very healthy.

I highly recommend it !.



Hornsby NSW





Hi Deb,


 I received your book today. It is just beautiful with recipes that my (adult) kids will enjoy.

As my husband is a coeliac they sometimes miss the traditional recipes that I used to cook.

Thank you for signing it, I appreciate it.


Kind Regards,



Dear Deb,


 I just wanted to express my thanks for your beautiful finished book. It’s bursting with colour, and I truly will use it for myself and when cooking for family members.

The photos you have are breathtaking, the clarity and energy. It’s appealing, easy to navigate and use. Even details like the index are laid out thoughtfully. I think that your readers will value each element – it’s not just fellow designers.

My very best wishes for the books success, how valuable to people with Coeliac disease to find a cookbook that’s both medically appropriate and mouth watering.


Many Thanks,







I bought this cookbook from the Gluten free food expo back in May and I've cooked a few things from it. I was excited to see pikelets in the recipes because growing up I loved them.

I cook these maybe once a month and use them for lunches if they don't all get eaten as i'm cooking them.

This pikelet recipe is the best gluten free one I have.


Gluten Free Reviews South East QLD



This is the best cookbook I have ever bought.

Everthing turns out amazing and delicious  !!


Naomi A





Thank you ......

Hi Debra, I brought your book at the Gluten Free Expo in Brisbane recently. I love it. All the recipes I have tried my family & friends love them.


Deb H,








A friend works in a hospital's endoscopy unit mentioned that My Gluten-Free Gourmet Kitchen cookbook has been given the heads up by the unit as a wonderful gluten free resource and a must have for those diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Written by Debra Maloney, the recipe book has been endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

To tempt you, a number of her recipes can be accessed via her website (sticky date pudding, spinach and fetta pie, crispy potato zucchini cakes). I am yet to purchase this cookbook, but I'll put in on my birthday list. 


Help My Teenager has Coeliac Disease website.