I was diagnosed with coeliac disease over sixteen years ago and suddenly my world turned upside down. Back then we did not have the choice of gluten-free products that we have today, and being coeliac meant a life sentence of dull food. I felt I would have to give up everything I loved and that my social life would suffer as a result.


Changing the diet overnight was very difficult and challenging yet rewarding. I did not want the disease to take away my passion for cooking, and instead of sinking into despondency I embarked on a lifelong gluten-free adventure. I have spent the last sixteen years sourcing, developing and altering my favourite recipes in order to come up with the most wonderful gluten-free dishes that taste as beautiful as they look.

I have just opened my gluten free cooking school called The Temple Door cooking school - certified by Coeliac Australia 100% free of cross contamination.



                                                                          Debra Maloney

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